Saturday, May 17, 2014

Children's Book Week Winner: Hannah C.!

May 12 - May 16 is Children's Book Week, and David R. Godine, Publisher is celebrating literary conversations with elementary school kids. We asked students to respond to the question "Why do you love reading?" Every day this week we'll publish a winning entry. In addition to getting published by a real publisher, we'll also send each winner a free book, and they'll get to read their entry on Friday, 5/16 at Porter Square Books. Here is today's winner. Congratulations, Hannah!
Art from The Lonely Phonebooth

I love reading because it gives me information. For example, in non-fiction history books I can learn a lot about famous people in history. Reading is also fun for me because it entertains me. When I become “into” a book such as a comic book, I can’t stop reading. Reading gives me something to do when I’m bored. Reading takes you to the places in the story while you are reading, too. You get to travel in the book. Reading “plays” with you. Another reason is that it inspires me to write my own books in a creative way. For instance, I got really inspired by the Rainbow Magic series about fairies to write my own books about fairies. The last reason why I love reading is because reading is important. If I didn’t read at all, I would probably not know much from books. And these are the reasons why I love reading!

- Hannah C., Fourth Grade

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