Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aftershocks – New Arrival!

The newest Verba Mundi has just arrived in our warehouse – Grete Weil's collection of short stories, Aftershocks – and it is available right now through the Godine website! Weil's stories powerfully explore the role of immigrants and displaced people though the lens of post-Holocaust Jews scattered across America. It is a moving, artfully constructed collection of stories, translated from the German by John Barrett.

Adam Kirsch wrote of Weil, in The Boston Phoenix, that 'In her desire to bear witness to the Holocaust . . . Weil wisely doesn't attempt to show us what it is like to be a victim or a murderer; [she] shows us what it is to be a bystander. And, as she delicately suggests, we are all bystanders to something.' You can also read Ben Lytal's review of Aftershocks at The New York Sun.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bob Williams at Three Percent reviewed George Perec's classic avant-garde 'novel', Life A User's Manual. He writes, 'Life is thus a collection of tales – and especially of tales within tales. Despite the persistently urban setting, Life is in the oldest of literary traditions, that of the storyteller. . . . a masterful assembly of lunatic scholars and assorted eccentrics as they pursue slightly or very demented goals. There is humor and humanity in all this and every detail is richly rewarding, the kind of book rewarding enough to forever leave the reader breathless and gratified.'