Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kenneth Burke and WALL-E

Inside Higher Education explores the connection between the new hit Disney / Pixar film WALL-E and author Kenneth Burke. Scott McLemee writes that 'Burke’s fiction and poetry tend to be overlooked by chroniclers of American literary history. But his experimental novel Towards a Better Life has exercised a strong influence on other writers — especially Ralph Ellison, whose Invisible Man was deeply shaped by it. He also had a knack for being in interesting places at the right time. For example, he discovered and made the first English translation of Thomas Mann’s "Death in Venice"; and in the course of his day job as editor for The Dial, Burke helped prepare for its initial American publication a poem called “The Wasteland,” by one T.S. Eliot.'

Overlooked no more! Burke's Here & Elsewhere: Collected Fiction is on sale at the Black Sparrow Books website, just $11.00 for the softcover edition only through our website.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Davenport at Harper's

This weekend at the Harper's blog Wyatt Mason discusses Godine's own The Geography of the Imagination, by Guy Davenport. Mason writes that the collection is 'one of the twentieth century’s most varied, diverting, probing and re-readable works of thought and prose. . . . its forty essays on literature and art have provided a generation of writers and readers a continuing education on how to look, think, write, feel.'