Thursday, May 15, 2014

Children's Book Week Winner: Alexander S.B.!

May 12 - May 16 is Children's Book Week, and David R. Godine, Publisher is celebrating literary conversations with elementary school kids. We asked students to respond to the question "Why do you love reading?" Every day this week we'll publish a winning entry. In addition to getting published by a real publisher, we'll also send each winner a free book, and they'll get to read their entry on Friday, 5/16 at Porter Square Books. Here is today's winner. Congratulations, Alexander!

Art by Max Dalton from The Lonely Typewriter

Do you love reading? I really love to read. Sometimes when I am bored or I am upset, I grab a book and read. I enjoy entering the stories that have gods or monsters because it feels as if I am in the book. Because playing sports is my life, I want to learn about soccer and tennis. This helps me become a better player and  explore new tactics. When I plop down on my bed and start to read, it makes me feel calm. When I am in a bad mood, reading takes my mind off the fight and books do just that. Reading also makes me feel better because it brings me into a whole new world of gods and other myths.

I wrote a Haiku about reading:
                "Reading is so fun
                Reading is so amazing
                It is fun to read"
- Alexander S. B., Fourth Grade

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