Sunday, May 18, 2014

Children's Book Week Winner: Conrad W.!

May 12 - May 16 is Children's Book Week, and David R. Godine, Publisher is celebrating literary conversations with elementary school kids. We asked students to respond to the question "Why do you love reading?" Every day this week we'll publish a winning entry. In addition to getting published by a real publisher, we'll also send each winner a free book, and they'll get to read their entry on Friday, 5/16 at Porter Square Books. Here is today's winner. Congratulations, Conrad!

Art from Extreme Opposites

Boom! went the wave that Percy Jackson created. Crack! went the ground when lightning struck. I love reading because reading puts me into another world full of monsters and heroes. What got me interested in reading was the Harry Potter series; even though I was bad at reading at the time, it was interesting to me. Fantasy became my favorite genre along with the Kane Chronicles series but my favorite series is still the Percy Jackson series. Whenever I try something that’s fun, no matter if I’m good at it or not, if it’s fun I like it. When I wasn’t good at reading, I read about 20 pages a day, then I gradually got better and better. Over time I started to read so much more!
Good readers have feelings and emotions like laughing and crying. Reading puts me into another world. It seems as if you’re the main character fighting monsters, dragons and when you’re done with the book, you go through a portal and all you know is that you’re back on a planet called Earth…
- Conrad W., Fourth Grade

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