Friday, May 16, 2014

Children's Book Week Winner: Edward K.!

May 12 - May 16 is Children's Book Week, and David R. Godine, Publisher is celebrating literary conversations with elementary school kids. We asked students to respond to the question "Why do you love reading?" Every day this week we'll publish a winning entry. In addition to getting published by a real publisher, we'll also send each winner a free book, and they'll get to read their entry on Friday, 5/16 at Porter Square Books. Here is today's winner. Congratulations, Edward!

Art from I Saw Three Ships

Why do I love reading? I love history! I wouldn’t love history without books. I wouldn’t know that even though General Robert E. Lee hated slavery, he became the head confederate General. This is because his home state, Virginia, joined the confederacy and he didn’t want to fight against his home state. Most importantly I can imagine myself doing what I am reading in the book, like fighting against the Nazis or being a probation enforcer and dumping beer in the streets. Also, I wouldn’t know anything about Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs. From reading, I discovered that Hernando Cortés entered Mexico in 1519 and destroyed Mayans and Aztecs, but Mayans resisted until 1542. And Francisco Pizarro entered Peru in 1532 and destroyed the Incas. I wouldn’t know all the US presidents and their biographies. For example, I learned that Abraham Lincoln had only one year of formal schooling and mostly self-educated himself. I wouldn’t know about the Californian Gold Rush of 1849 or that before the Gold Rush only about 800 people lived in San Francisco. I can only hope my name will end up in one of the books I read.   
- Edward K., Fourth Grade

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