Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arthur Ransome - Giveaways!

It’s time for free giveaways! Up for grabs are three audiobooks in Arthur Ransome’s beloved Swallows and Amazons children's series (Swallows & Amazons, Swallowdale, and Peter Duck), plus a copy of The Last Englishman: The Double Life of Arthur Ransome hardcover, the new biography by Roland Chambers.

At a glance, Ransome appears to be the quintessential Englishman: gentle and well-spoken, given to leisurely pursuits like fishing and sailing in the English countryside, very much like the protagonists of his novels. And that is all true; Ransome did enjoy the quiet country life as much as anyone.

But there was another side to the famous writer. Between his fishing excursions in the Lake District, he worked as the Russian correspondent for the Daily News and the Manchester Guardian. In The Last Englishman, Chambers explores Ransome’s questionable sympathies for the Bolshevik regime, his affair with Leon Trotsky’s private secretary, his unscrupulous collusion with the British Secret Intelligence Service, and other little known details of his life.

The book is a fascinating read, especially alongside the Swallows and Amazon series. If you’re interested, please enter our free book giveaway by answering the following question:

What was Arthur Ransome’s code name in the British Secret Service?

Send your answer by email to info@godine.com. Please specify which giveaway you're most interested in receiving and the first four to submit will win. Thank you!

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