Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Farnsworth's Classical English Rhetoric on the Bill Bennett Show

Professor Ward Farnsworth was recently featured on The Bill Bennett Show, where he discussed his new book, Farnsworth's Classical English Rhetoric (published by yours truly). Go to the Podcast to listen to Professor Farnsworth and Bill Bennett talk about history's most persuasive rhetoriticians and what made them so (that's an ellipsis!)

Praise for Farnsworth's Classical English Rhetoric: 

"So, dear reader, I say it even if I say it myself—get this book! No, really, get this book! Read clever Farnsworth, and read him again, and you may become more clever yourself."
—Carlin Romano, 
The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Many things, from dictators to advertising, have made modern people suspicious of and cynical about language mobilized to move us. Fortunately, Ward Farnsworth's delightful swim in a sea of well-chosen words should help to rehabilitate the reputation of rhetoric."
— George F. Will, syndicated columnist

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