Monday, August 8, 2011

Wanda Coleman's new book of poetry

The incomparable Wanda Coleman, a beloved Black Sparrow poet, has a new book of poetry forthcoming from the University of Pittsburgh Press in September 2011. The collection, The World Falls Away, has already received incredible praise:

"Wanda Coleman's poems glow with an almost radioactive edginess. Yet there is also range and substance giving her intense American voice staying power. To use Whitman's word, her work has 'amplitude'."
– Diane Wakoski

"Wanda Coleman's hard-edged new collection interrogates death's nearsightedness. Mother outlives son. Feet wear out before the heart. And the truth teller dies before truth frees her. These poems don't go gently."
– Douglas Kearney

"What strikes me first about The World Falls Away is Wanda Coleman's musical inventiveness. These poems are sonically complex and technically riveting. But along with this musical dexterity comes a poetic mind of great subtlety."
– Kevin Prufer

Wanda Coleman is a poet and writer from Los Angeles, California. Black Sparrow is proud to have published Mercurochrome, nominated for the National Book Award, and Bathwater Wine, winner of the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, along with several other of Coleman's titles.

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