Friday, July 9, 2010

Perec: Praise & a Giveaway

Over at the Top Ten Books blog, Arthur Phillips writes in praise of George Perec's masterpiece, Life a User's Manual. “The first miracle: A novel built from a strictly limited construction — the description of one single moment in a Paris apartment building — blossoms into an encyclopedia of stories and life spanning centuries, the globe, the history of literature. The second miracle: A moving, humane novel composed of implausible, even impossible parts. Perec’s brainy puzzle-book somehow produces the exhilarating, alternating certainties that life is beautiful, cruel, sweet, meaningful.”

You can enter a free giveaway of Life a User's Manual over at the Top Ten Books blog. Many thanks to Chad Post of Open Letters Books and the Three Percent blog for including the book in his personal top ten list, and for his consistent and emphatic support of Georges Perec and all literature in translation.

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