Monday, July 13, 2009

The Effort

It has been a blur of wild activity here over the past few weeks. We're calling independent bookstores to follow up on our catalog mailing, setting bookstore appointments for David (who is at ALA right now in Chicago and will be in Denver next week), finishing our Fall lead titles in production, and trying to come up with new marketing, sales, and publicity avenues all the while. The total expended effort to keep these projects afloat is just herculean.

From the editorial process to the minutiae of color proofing, to calling bookstores individually: every tiniest aspect of the organization requires personal, focused attention. Not a bit of it is automatic. If it were not that the staff here — from our interns to the owner — are better jugglers than Barnum Bailey, everything would fail miserably. Before working at such a small organization I had never realized how intensive the publishing process really is. David Godine acquires, edits, art directs, sets metal type, calls on bookstores, and works the trade shows. The editors do marketing, the publicity person edits, the art director does permissions, and the production guy (moi) controls the website. We also make julienne fries (it's a good thing) and whiten your smile.

All of this is apropos of nothing, but the blog has been pretty quiet and I thought our regular readers would want to know what's happening. I hope everyone else's summer is a little bit calmer!

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