Monday, April 27, 2009

Saroyan on Creeley & Olson

At The Poetry Foundation, Black Sparrow author Aram Saroyan has an article in which he makes the case, 'Charles Olson and Robert Duncan seem to me to be major American poets, great and generative figures as much today as they were during the ’60s. Denise Levertov is a personal favorite, though her range is more modest. Robert Creeley and Edward Dorn, on the other hand, wonderful poets in youth, both seem to have lost their way in midlife.' The comments on this article are, shall we say, engaged.

For those who are interested, Black Sparrow offers a ten-volume set of the correspondence between Robert Creeley and Charles Olson, two titles from Edward Dorn, two titles from Aram Saroyan, as well as Ekbert Faas' biography Young Robert Duncan. You needn't ever leave our website, is essentially what I'm telling you.

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