Friday, April 6, 2007

Words, words, words!

Hello faithful Godiners!

First, we have a very special offer from David. From April 1 through June 30, selected Godine and Black Sparrow titles will be sold at a huge discount, in honor of National Poetry Month. Practically every poetry title is listed at 40-75% off the retail price. We want you to buy a book of poems, we want you to enjoy reading a well-made, well-written vlume of verse that you can actually afford. Take a minute to click here and check out the titles David has made available for this awesome offer.

Yesterday I picked up the phone here and a woman asked to speak to David. It was Pat Terry, she said, an author. I hadn't seen David in yet but sometimes he just sneaks to his office and quietly does work (it's the only way he can do work in the office usually). He wasn't in so I went back and picked up the line.
"Sir, uh..." There was a long pause. Oh yes, I did. Sir. "David isn't in, can I take a message?"
My approach to these situations is to keep moving. Barrel forth. Ignore ignore ignore. Whatever you do, do not look back.
"Yes, please. This is Patricia Terry..."

Patricia Terry is the author of our new Arthurian retelling, Lancelot and the Lord of the Distant Isles. Translated it from the Olde French manuscript and then edited/rewrote the whole thing to focus on Lancelot's story. Ms. Terry holds a doctorate in French literature from Columbia. And I just called her a man. This is not the way to win over an author.

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