Friday, April 27, 2007

Special Deals Website

Happy Friday!

Despite the rain and the utter silence of the office today, I'm in a great mood and looking forward to the weekend. I'm going to start in on a Black Sparrow Press backlist title,
Essays Personal and Impersonal by Milton Hindus. Hindus was a critic and biographer of Proust, Céline, Whitman and Godine's own Charles Reznikoff. How did he ever choose those writers?

I've just discovered that there is no Milton Hindus Wikipedia page. Anyone brave enough to dig up his information and create one?

There is also a brand new site on the Godine web:
Monthly Online Discounts. It is a way to show appreciation to those who know us, like us, love us, and visit us on the internet. (We're so lonely!) We're cutting down the list price of a selected number of titles for consumers only. Let us know what you think with comments on the blog, we know everyone likes to save a couple bucks!

Also taking suggestions for a Godine Website nickname. The best anyone here has come up with is Webdine, but I think it looks alot like a restaurant rating site, and we have no idea what No. 9 Park is like.

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