Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Golden West (I'm kind of impressed)

I may still be starry-eyed here in the publishing world and a bit enamored of those who seem so much like pillars, but Sam Tanenhaus himself reviewed Godine's own The Golden West: Hollywood Stories, a collection of short stories and personal essays by Daniel Fuchs. Here is what he had to say about it, and Fuchs:
This superb collection of Daniel Fuchs's fiction and essays about Hollywood, spanning half a century, records the vagaries of the film industry from the perspective of a screenwriter who toiled for the great studios in their heyday and was on the premises during their decline. Fuchs brought to this subject the watchfulness of a born novelist whose so-called Williamsburg Trilogy, about Brooklyn tenement life, remains a highlight of 1930's fiction — a marvel of detached sympathy and supple naturalism, all the more remarkable for having been written by an immigrant son when he was in his 20's and on breaks from his day job as a public-school teacher in Brighton Beach.

Now I love this book, so I'm really glad it was received so warmly. Read more of Tanenhaus' review HERE, then (of course) buy The Golden West HERE.

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