Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Upcoming Meet the Authors Series!

Have you ever read a book and ended up dying to know more about the story? Did you ever write the author and ask them what happens next or wanted to know why they wrote a plot twist the way they did? Maybe you haven't. Perhaps you are a reader who assumes that most authors of the books you read are dead or of no importance to the story. Authors can be some unknown entity that weave you so well into their magical worlds that you no longer pay attention to the real world around you.

Here at Godine, we enjoy getting to know our authors and seeing what enticed them to share the stories that fascinated them. We would like to share the same opportunity, this glimpse into the minds that create our books, with you.

In the upcoming weeks we will be posting our Meet the Authors series. In these short videos you can hear what sparked the inspiration for our authors to write some of the big upcoming works this season. Our interviews can give you a bit of insight into the work that it takes to research and write a book.

The authors scheduled for this series during our current season are Llewellyn Howland III, author of No Ordinary Being; Belinda Rathbone, author of The Boston Raphael; and Valerie Lester, author of Giambattista Bodoni.

No Ordinary Being is about the Boston-born aviation pioneer and yacht designer W. Starling Burgess. He was a personality of enormous charm, physical courage, and energy. Here is a book that covers the entire fascinating career of a genuine native polymath.

The Boston Raphael is the riveting story of a museum director caught in a web of local and international intrigue while secretly pursuing a forgotten Renaissance painting.

Giambattista Bodoni is a lively, lavishly illustrated biography of the great printer Bodoni, vividly describing his work, life, and times while justifying his reputation as the "prince of typographers."

Be sure to look out for our videos! Thanks!

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