Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy birthday, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow!

207 years ago today, an American literary icon was born: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow! Today, Longfellow is known for reinventing the lyric poem and creating modern poetry. You might know him as the poet behind “Paul Revere’s Ride,” or you might recognize his name from one of our own Godine titles. The Song of Hiawatha is a collection of Longfellow’s poetry about an American Indian, and The Children’s Hour is a fantastic children’s book based on Longfellow’s relationship with his three daughters. 

In honor of Henry Wadswortth Longfellow’s birthday, why not read one of his pieces yourself? Here is his famous poem “February Afternoon” for a delightful February afternoon. We hope you enjoy it!

The day is ending,
The night is descending;
The marsh is frozen,
The river dead.

Through clouds like ashes
The red sun flashes
On village windows
That glimmer red.

The snow recommences;
The buried fences
Mark no longer
The road o'er the plain;

While through the meadows,
Like fearful shadows,
Slowly passes
A funeral train.

The bell is pealing,
And every feeling
Within me responds
To the dismal knell;

Shadows are trailing,
My heart is bewailing
And tolling within

Like a funeral bell.

If you would like to learn more about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's books, click here.

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