Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Superior Person's Tuesday!

Gynotikolobomassophile n. Someone who likes to nibble on a woman’s earlobe. Truly, there is a name for everything. This one is reported in the amazing dictionary of verbal erotica compiled by Mrs. Josefa Heifetz Byrne (the daughter of Jascha Heifetz, incidentally). One of the Personals: “Gynotikolobomassophile wishes to meet woman with large ears.”

Humans are not the only gynotikolobomassophiles in the world.
Each Tuesday, we’ll offer up a Superior Word for the edification of our Superior Readers, via the volumes of the inimitable Peter Bowler. You can purchase all or any of the four Superior Person’s Books of Words from the Godine website. Gynotikolobomassophile appears in the Second.

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