Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boston Book Festival Wrap Up

Last month, David R. Godine, Publisher, attended the Boston Book Festival and had a fantastic time meeting readers, selling books, and soaking in the literary atmosphere. Here is a recap of the day's events from our interns, Lauren and Ryan.

While we loved the bustling crowds at the Brooklyn Book Festival in September, we felt more at home in Copley Square at the Boston Book Festival. The smaller venue allowed for a more intimate exchange with our customers, fellow book-lovers, and avid readers alike. The Boston Book Festival goers were book-enthusiasts. They admired, read, and bought our books, even as we were packing up the booth at the end of the day.

Each year the Boston Book Festival sends young readers on a “Passport to Imagination” adventure and we were lucky enough to be apart of the magic. The children picked up a passport at the BBF tent and traveled through Copley Square searching for stamps. When the participating children came to our booth, we read an excerpt from Catie Copley, which is the story of the real-life black Labrador that is a member of the guest services team at the storied Fairmont Copley Plaza. Catie was scheduled to be away for the weekend, but she made it back early and stopped by our booth in the afternoon. It was a delightful encounter that only solidified Catie’s claim to being the Copley’s totem of hospitality. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Catie Copley and Catie Copley's Great Escape were our biggest sellers of the day.

(l-r) Kristin, Lauren, and Ryan awaiting readers at the start of the Book Festival. [Ed. note: We did not stand in height order intentionally...]

When attending a book fair, one does not generally anticipate many unexpected events or noteworthy high jinx, but rather expects a more discerning and subtle affair. Yet, the 2012 Boston Book Festival managed to be both at once. For instance, how often do you get to watch a man dressed as a sandwich interact with members of the public? And, as a result of said interaction, receive a tasteful t-shirt? I would say seldom, if not often enough. The intrigue deepens - what does a seven foot tall fully articulate Sasquatch (and/or wood ape) mannequin have to do with a foam rubber suit Curious George? On a good day I hope very little, but at the Boston Book Festival, patrons had the opportunity to meet both. We also had a very convincing elf stop by our booth.

Point being, aside from perusing publishers and their wares, engaging in enthused conversations about literary personalities, obtaining varying degrees of swag, and attending free lectures, a book festival – and the Boston Book Festival in particular – is well worth attending. Even if you come simply for the books, you’ll find yourself staying for the manifestations of the literary community.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, and an even bigger thank you to those who bought a book or two (or more!). We had a great time meeting and talking to all of you. Till next year…

If you saw something you liked but didn’t get a chance to buy it during the Festival, you can buy any of our books at Godine.com. And for a limited time you can receive up to 3 free books with your order!

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