Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mark Doty in Granta

Granta magazine's new issue focuses on sex:

"Sex is our oldest obsession. For as long as we’ve been doing it, it has been used as a mark of decline and a measure of progress. It has been at the centre of rituals and responsible for revolutions. We make money from it, hide behind it, prohibit and promote it. It relaxes us, revolts us, hurts us and helps us. But whatever we think about it, however we do it, it defines us."

Beloved Godine poet Mark Doty contributes a personal essay, "The Unwriteable: A Married Man's Affair." The video below was made by Granta based on his essay about the affair with a man that ended his marriage to his wife. The film is part of a multimedia push Granta's making, which will include a forthcoming iPhone app.

Doty was also recently interviewed by Jason Boog and Matt Van Hoven on mediabistro.com's blogtalkradio. He comments on how poetry might mix with other media in our digital age: ”I think the idea of offering the perspective of a visual image, a little music, makes a wonderful invitation into a work of literature—be it a poem, a memoir, whatever. Why not use every medium we can find to connect with the audience? I love that the people at Granta are about to put out a smartphone app around this same issue. You will be able to access some media related to the Sex issue on your smartphone very shortly.”

Listen to the entire blogtalktadio interview here.

Back when we were both very young, Godine had the honor of publishing the first two poetry books of Mark Doty, who has since gone on to considerable and deserved fame and fortune, winning the National Book Award for Poetry in 2008, as well as honors from the National Book Critics Circle, the LA Times Book Prize, a Whiting Award, and (as the first American in its history) the T.S. Eliot Prize. We just published Paragon Park, a new collection with the complete texts of Doty's Turtle, Swan and Bethleham in Broad Daylight along with almost two dozen poems that have appeared in small magazines but have never before been collected.

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