Friday, September 16, 2011

All My Dogs - Giveaway Winner!

Congrats go to Wayne Donnell for his excellent entry for the All My Dogs book giveaway! Here is his story and photo:

My wife, Deborah, and I had for many years a wonderful Keeshond named Bella. She passed on, and Deborah grieved long and well – unable to consider replacing her until one weekend our daughter, Rachel, and our granddaughter, Claire, came from their home in Asheville, NC for a visit. They took a walk to a nearby shopping center for lunch and some window shopping.

In the middle of the afternoon I get a call from Claire. She says: "Grandpa. We are at the pet store, and Grandma wants a puppy. Can she have one?" I say: "Claire, of course Grandma can have a puppy, but only if you name it." And so Sugar, a miniature Schnauzer, came into our lives. Sugar is a phenomenal dog. She steals the hearts of all who know her.

A few years later Rachel's husband took a job in San Diego, California, and they moved. To soften the sadness, Rachel promised her children they could get a puppy when they got to California. Claire and our grandson Noah wanted a dog like Sugar but all were wary of disappointment. How could any dog match the loving creature that was Sugar?

They began their search and soon found, yes, a miniature Schnauzer to adopt. She seemed wonderful so they crossed their fingers and brought this dog into their lives. Her name is Carolina, and here they are, in a photo taken the moment they headed home from the pound:

All are doing well, except, perhaps, the grandparents who wish they would all move back to North Carolina.

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