Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Romantic Gardens in The Boston Globe

Romantic Gardens: Nature, Art and Landscape Design, by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, Elizabeth S. Eustis, & John Bidwell (David R. Godine, $50) is available from the Morgan Library and the publisher (, who have joined forces with the Foundation for Landscape Studies to assemble this array of seminal texts and outstanding works of art. The result is a scholarly and accessible book that reveals and illuminates the origins and impact of the movement that dominated both Europe and America between 1700 and 1900 in the realm of the garden.

“In this book, containing a lengthy introductory essay on the nature of Romanticism, the authors demonstrate, through drawings and designs, watercolors, and engravings, a narrative of the course of Romanticism in Europe and America, where the landscape ideals of the creators of private gardens were translated into the designs for public parks. Here, illustrated in full color and described in detail, are the books, the essays, the prints, and the manuscripts that served as core documents of the Romantic Movement.”

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