Monday, June 8, 2009

Leithauser on Updike

Congratulations to those first fine five folks who emailed us for posters — they are on their way. Enjoy!

And a quick note: Godine author Brad Leithauser has a nice review today, at Slate, of John Updike's final collection of short stories. Brad writes, "It has become almost a cliché to marvel over Updike's adherence to Henry James's dictum that the writer should be 'one of the people on whom nothing is lost.' For Updike, no meaningful experience went unrecorded and unpublished, ingeniously translated into fiction or verse. Over time, loyal readers began to feel a companionable connectedness not merely with his writing but with his much-photographed life."

You can also read David Godine's thoughtful note on the occasion of Updike's passing here.

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