Monday, June 15, 2009

David Bromige: 1933—2009

We were very sad to hear of the recent passing of noted poet and Black Sparrow author David Bromige. The acclaimed poet D.A. Powell has a touching remembrance of Bromige at The Poetry Foundation blog, Harriet: "I think I probably took 18 classes from David Bromige, including my undergraduate classes and my graduate courses. After completing my B. A., I hung around and did an M. A. in English. In 1993, as I was working on my thesis, the state of California — suffering from a budget crisis, as always — extended a 'golden handshake' offer to faculty at the top of the salary scale. It was a handsome deal, and David was one of many who were drawn into early retirement. One of the requirements, though, was that the retiree would have to cease work immediately; not even finishing out the semester. This would have left me without my poetry advisor. David graciously offered to oversee the completion of my studies without pay."

You can learn more about David Bromige at Wikipedia, and find a nice collection of online resources at the University of Buffalo.

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