Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"I Remembers" from the Staff at Godine: Chelsea

In celebration of Godine's new publication of Perec's I Remember, the office staff reflected on a few of our own I-Remember moments. Here are a few reminiscences from editorial assistant Chelsea Bingham:

    1. I remember crushing the protrusions of plastic that stuck into the reels in the case of every VHS my family owned. 
    2. I remember reading The Lord of the Rings at sunrise through the crack of the window shade while my little sister continued to sleep in the room we shared.
    3. I remember the late-night car ride to pick up my father after his deployment in Qatar.
    4. I remember waiting in line at midnight for the release of the newest Harry Potter book with my best friend, multiple times, and spending the next days at school sleep-deprived after attempting to stay up as long as possible reading.
    5. I remember celebrating outside my dorm the night Obama was elected.

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