Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Superior Person's Tuesday!

Glabrous a Having a surface free from hair or other projections. Smooth-skinned, smooth-leafed. When introducing a guest speaker who suffers from alopecia [ital] (q.v.), you could insert into your remarks a passing reference to his "glabrous pinnacle" without giving offense.

One possible usage of a glabrous surface:

On the day Homer quits the power plant,
he insults Mr. Burns and plays his bald head like a bongo drum

Mr. Burns: I should be resisting this, but I'm paralyzed with rage . . .
and island rhythms.

Each Tuesday, we’ll offer up a Superior Word for the edification of our Superior Readers, via the volumes of the inimitable Peter Bowler. You can purchase all or any of the four Superior Person’s Books of Words from the Godine website. Glabrous appears in the First.

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