Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holdouts!: The Buildings that Got in the Way

Holdouts!: The Buildings that Got in the Way by Andrew Alpern and Seymour Durst chronicles the history of New York City buildings that refused to sell to developers (with often absurd results). Godine, with the Old York Foundation, has brought it back with a new edition. First published in 1984 by McGraw-Hill and then in 1997 by Dover Publications as New York’s Architectural Holdouts, this third edition gives a fresh look to these incredible, true stories of New York’s architectural progression.

The new edition of Holdouts! is hot off the presses and available for sale starting today. Included in the book are amazing photographs that were re-scanned from the originals, as well as a new foreword by Vishaan Chakrabarti (acclaimed architect and head of the real estate development program at Columbia University).

But what better way to illuminate the history of this curious book and simultaneously announce the new edition than in limerick-form? That’s how I see it anyway. And incidentally, Mr. Alpern, thrilled about the new foreword, new design and all-around sexiness of this edition, has done just that. Please enjoy (click on the poem and cartoon to view full size)!

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