Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Susan Fillion's Event in Cambridge

Another wonderful event by Susan Fillion to celebrate the publication of her book Miss Etta and Dr. Claribel: Bringing Matisse to America! Last Tuesday Susan came to town and gave her packed audience at the Porter Square Bookstore in Cambridge a mini-course in modern art, complete with slides. To call the event a reading would be misleading—Susan does not so much read from her book as entertain, delight, and instruct. A natural speaker, and trained docent, she leads you to her book indirectly, so that the real treat, the book itself, still awaits you, beckoning beneath its jewel-colored jacket.

A big thanks to Jory Hearst, Susan’s niece and a Porter Square Books employee, for helping to make the event such a success, and to all those who came from near and far (including Eva, Susan’s daughter, whose surprise visit made her day)!

Photos from the event:

Susan Fillion with her editor at Godine (and the author of this post), Susan Barba

Fillion with David R. Godine

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