Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Bloom: Tulipmania

The bridal season at Willowdale Estate has begun and the grounds are topfull of tulips and sweetly scented jonquils. While photographing with eyes and nose at blossom height, I am intoxicated by the the heady perfume emanating from the narcissus and the splendorous hues and broken patterns of the shimmering satin tulip petals — and dreaming about making cocktail dresses in every colorway! Lenna (from Willowdale) and I are creating a book of my garden photographs for the brides, and because all the flowers and butterflies are so gorgeous, it is a challenge to decide what photos to include here. I'll post regular updates on what is currently in bloom at Willowdale, and plan to provide weekly notes and photographs. The following are a few potential candidate photographs to add to the spring section of our photo book!

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