Monday, February 23, 2009

David R. Godine at Conversational Reading

David was recently interviewed by Scott Esposito at his excellent blog Conversational Reading, regarding the art of publishing in a recession. Here's a brief excerpt, but do go over and read the whole interview:

"SE: What in particular are you planning to do in 2009 to react to economic changes? What's your outlook for this year?

DRG: We are being very careful in what we decide to actually publish and what we decide to reprint. Not just the titles but also the quantities. It is not going to be a very ambitious list, but there are enough titles on both the Spring and fall list with a fairly sure potential to sell well that I would say I am cautiously optimistic. Which is, of course, the only philosophically tenable position for a publisher to maintain in any market."

You can also find an older interview there with me, regarding the effect of the Nobel Prize on a small press.

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