Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reviews / Catie Copley Events

Hello hello! Hope things are warmer and sunnier where you are than they are here in Boston.

First up, an excellent new review in the New York Sun of the (Godine imprint) Verba Mundi title The Tartar Steppe, by Dino Buzzati (1906–1972). [Verba Mundi is the Godine imprint dedicated to publishing great works translated into English and published for the first time in the United States.] Eric Ormsby of the Sun writes, "Buzzati (1906–1972), though little known here, was one of the finest and most original Italian writers of the last century. Because he dealt in fantastic themes, and always delivered in dry style, he has been compared to Kafka and Borges as well as to Italo Calvino, whom he influenced."

Russel Hoban received a nice write up over at Dave Awl's Ocelopotamus. Awl is the
"semi-official Webmaster and fan club founder" of Hoban, whose fan club The Kraken runs a variety of Hoban-tastic events.

Speaking of events (notice the nice transition?) we are ramping up the events on for Catie Copley, which will be listed on our Godine News page at the website. A few notable events are listed below. Check out the News page for a complete list, and contact either us or the venue for more information.
  • Tuesday 19 June, 3.00 pm – Fairmont Copley Plaza – BOOK LAUNCH
  • Friday 22 June, 10.30 am – Wellesley Booksmith – READING
  • Saturday 23 June , 2.00 pm – Boston Public Library – READING
  • Saturday 30 June, 2.00 pm – Children’s Museum, Boston – TBD
  • Wednesday 11 July, 11.00 am – Barnes & Noble, Copley Plaza – READING

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